• “To contribute to consciousness by revolutionizing the way we relate to our bodies.”

    Jill Catherine


our mission is an invitation for you to integrate as a whole person of body, mind, and spirit 


our vision is to inspire you to follow your heart and live the life of your dreams


our values are to nurture a community of authenticity, vulnerability, and courage




Each of us has a unique way to express our authentic selves and innate talents for the good of others, and the good of the world, when we live integrated as a whole person of mind, body, and spirit. It is precisely this authenticity that cannot be replicated, duplicated, or exist in competition with others. Life is an inner journey, not an external one, and there is room in this world for everyone to have place and purpose.

We believe that self-expression, through whichever form it takes for you, is the most critical action to living a life that feels whole, complete, and in-tune. This is how we understand experiencing the flow of joy, happiness, and peace. It always comes from the inside out, but in order to feel it, to embody it, it must then be expressed.


Who am I? That is the question … I am just an ordinary human being. There is nothing overly special about me. I am not the best athlete. I am not the best dancer or drummer. I am not the best writer. I am not the best speaker. But what I always have been, and will always be, is someone who gives my best, with the purest of intentions, and with the utmost of energy, enthusiasm and intensity, to whatever I am in relationship to.

In my heart lies an unwavering desire to live in a state of joy, through the giving, sharing, and expressing of love. And for me, that translates into many forms of communication, but most importantly, through the movement of the body. I believe very strongly there is a gap in our current conversations around fitness, health, wellness, beauty, success, and consciousness that makes this connection, and my intention is to fill that gap.


Jill’s Story


We are not our body or our thoughts. We are the ones moving through our bodies. We are the ones hearing our thoughts.

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Our book, A New Body Consciousness, is this mission in action with 44 beautifully designed hearts and messages to guide others on their path of self love, body love, and wholeness.

A portion of the sale of each book will be donated to Ophelia’s Place Circles of Change Movement:
a movement to change the culture and conversation around health, beauty, and body image.